Fighting game related resources for Alabama and surrounding areas

Facebook Groups

Alabama Fighting Game Community
The Official Huntsville Fight Game Dojo
Dothan Fighting Game Scene
Mobile Bay Area Fight Club

Southeast US
Georgia Fighting Game Community
Georgia UMvC3 Facebook Group
Gulf Coast Encounters (FL Panhandle)
Panama City FGC
Tallahassee Fighting Game Community


Shoryuken: Atlantic South


Sixfortyfive (Troy, AL)
TheTylerGilmore (Huntsville, AL)
Experimilk (Huntsville, AL)
Top Games (Birmingham, AL)
Mobile Fight Club (Mobile, AL)
Gulf Coast Encounters (Pensacola, FL)
Full Schedule (Pensacola, FL)
Team TLH (Tallahassee, FL)
FunkyP (Atlanta, GA)
A Scrub's Perspective (Augusta, GA)


Mobile Fight Club

Upcoming Events

Mar 22: Get Money Monthlies (Gardendale, AL)
Mar 29: AUSOM 10: The Banishment of Ganondorf (Auburn, AL)
Apr 12: Union Strike III: 3rd Strike (Hattiesburg, MS)
May 10: Cinderslam V (Pearl, MS>


regular meet-up dates and times
specified where applicable

Huntsville, AL
The Deep Comics (Thur, 5:30 PM to close)
Game Galaxy Arcade

Birmingham, AL
Top Games (Mon/Tue/Thur, open to close)

Montgomery, AL
GT South

Dothan, AL
1UP Games (Fri, 6 PM to close)

Mobile, AL
99 Issues

Panama City, FL
Arena Comics & Gaming (3rd Wed every month, 6:30 PM)

Atlanta, GA
Battle & Brew (Thur, 8PM)
GA Tech Friday Fighting Variety (Fri, 8 PM to 3 AM)
Gamers Xperience (Fri, bi-weekly)
Black Belt Arcades

Athens, GA
Flashback Games (Fri)

Augusta, GA
Battle at the Bean

Nashville, TN
Game Galaxy Arcade (Tue, 4 PM to 6 PM)

Knoxville, TN
Fort Sanders Yacht Club (Barcade) (Tue, 7 PM)

Memphis, TN
Greater Memphis Magic Arena (Wed, 6 PM to 10 PM)

If you're looking for me, I can usually be reached through one of the Facebook groups above, or through NeoGAF or Shoryuken.